Monday, November 10, 2008

April Hunter

april hunter home porn Redhead hottie April Hunter, best known her fit body and huge 40DD boobs, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1974. At the age of nineteen she began working as an erotic dancer, and subsequently posed for softcore nude shoots. She did one semi-hardcore boy/girl shoot not showing any penetration shots. April apparently decided that she disliked the adult industry, so she became a fitness model instead.

"Yes. I have the receipt for them around here somewhere..." -April Hunter, when asked whether her breasts are "hers"

She was featured in many men's magazines regularly such as Playboy, MuscleMag Int'l, Ironman, Maxim and various comic books. She has a huge online fan following (site: and was voted Most Popular Redhead On The Internet several years in a row.

April hunter sexy body In 2000 after her pictorial Playboy, she was hired by Terry Taylor on behalf of World Championship Wrestling as a member of the "Black and White" nWo. Along with four other models (Tylene Buck, Pamela Paulshock, Midajah and Kim Kanner), she accompanied members of the nWo to ringside for their matches. Hunter left WCW later that year to become a fully trained wrestler. In 2007 she retired from the in-ring portion of professional wrestling due to accumulated injuries, but can still be found ringside as a pro wrestling manager/valet and is currently still modeling for various publications.

April Hunters big breasts wrestling Hunter has competed for multiple American promotions, fighting and defeating both men and women including Ring of Honor and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and has toured Europe, Japan. Puerto Rico, Canada, UK/Ireland and Mexico several times. She is one of the notably few western women to be invited back more than five times to work Japan's prestigious and rigorous fight circuit.

Hunter has also made guest appearances with Carmen Electra's NWWL, working matches in the nude. November 2006 Paris, France: April Hunter won the Queens of Chaos world title. Queens of Chaos is a prestigious and respected women's wrestling tournament featuring the top wrestlers from all over the world.

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Peter said...

Ms. Hunter is the single most stunningly beautiful woman in the history of ever. Amazing lady, funny, SMART as hell, incredible wrestler, just plain dazzling in every respect. Entire nations should be prostrating themselves before her!

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