Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich, a busty Russian pop singer and former figure skater earned fame as a member of the pop group Blestyashie. This redhead hottia has really awesome body and boobs.

Currently she is back in figure skating training and after her dream about winning gold at Vancouver Olympics.

"I am seriously aiming at the gold at the Olympics. There is some information that I can not participate in the Olympics for various reasons. But these days everything is possible. The main thing is to want to win. Despite all of the gossips I am in a very good sports form which I want to demonstrate to my admirers".

In 2007, Semenovich started starring in Вся такая внезапная (All of a sudden), Russian adaption of an American sitcom Suddenly Susan. She plays the character of Alexandra Strelkina, an attractive journalist who writes a column about the life of an unmarried lonely girl for the fictional glossy magazine Шик и блеск (Chic and Glitter).

Гитлер капут! (Hitler's kaput!) from 2008 is a spy comedy and the first film to feature Anna Semenovich in a lead role.

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