Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shannan Leigh

Big breasted Shannan Leigh (also known as Alexis Taylor and Nikki Cappelli) (36DD-25-34) was born New York 1972. She has appeared in numerous bondage, fantasy wrestling and direct-to-video erotic thrillers, such as Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000) and Platinum Blonde (2001). She first made a name for herself and showed her lovely fake breasts in the late night cable favorite Andromina: The Pleasure Planet. Shannan also appeared in the mainstream film Diary of a Sex Addict (2001) co-starring with Rosanna Arquette and Nastassja Kinski.

In Diary of a Sex Addict she plays Cathy, and has a brief breast scenes while in bed with the hero and another girl. The scene us the best one in the movie and busty Shannan looks hot as you get to see a nice shot of her awesome breasts.

Stella Crenshaw is her character in Platinum Blonde, she and a guy go to a pool table for some fun. She reveals her very very large boobs while laying on her back so the guy can give her oral. Then the guy is on his back as she feeds him her boobs and lets him suck on them(how lucky) then she gets on her knees and the guy gives him everything hes got from behind making her boobs swing back and forth and making her yell.

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet (1999) she plays Becca, and does an extremely erotic strip tease for us that has lots of finger sucking, breast grabbing and such. Finally they get down to business. Leigh arches her back up against a pole and lets her bf eat her out. More incredible breast squeezing/displaying/mashing as she kneels and he continues to pound away fast and furious (look at her face..she is really enjoying this!!). Overall, great nudity, everything but lips is displayed.

In Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000) she has 3 scenes: 1st scene, she does an exotic dance, playing with her huge breasts, eventually stripping down to pasties and a thong. 2nd scene, in bed with some guy. Brief view of her from the side while she's on top, getting doggie style and on the bottom. 3rd scene, same bed, different guy, full frontal of her on top, damn she has great knockers, and up close from the side while he munches "down south". However, the camera cuts away much too quickly from each angle, the sex scenes are not that active,and you never get to enjoy her full frontal shots for long.

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