Sunday, August 30, 2009

LoriDawn Messuri

LoriDawn Messuri (born in Portland, Oregon, USA) started her acting career working as extra in Melrose Place. In her first theatrically released film, Sunsplit, she played a single mother who is addicted to methamphetamines.

Since then many of her roles have been more likable to male audience, as busty redhead actress have played many sexy roles and have not been too shy to show her beautiful body on screen.

Passion Cove (1999) proves that she's one of the most attractive redheads on camera. After giving a guy a massage she takes off her bra slowly revealing her fantastic breasts. She guides his hands to her twins, then stands and strips out of the rest of her clothes...full frontal with nice pan up her body. She also does a lot nude/topless parading around in the movie

In Python (2000) we can she her beautiful breasts in scene where she is making love with another woman in a tent. As the other woman is kissing down her stomach, we see a very nice view of LoriDawn's boobs along with some sexy moaning.

She has 3 hot scenes in The Big Hustle (1999), best one being in the end of the movie where she does a steamy striptease out of see-through lingerie for the guy - butt, breasts and pubes seen through the outfit, then those big boobs with pink areola and firm butt out of her outfit. She then hancuffs him to the bed giving some nice hanging breast shots before riding him until the bed breaks.

In addition to her movie work, LoriDawn also have appeared or co-starred in TV shows and soap operas like "Party of Five", "Jack & Jill" and "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Her latest appearance is as a Topless Golfer in 2007 movie "Nothing Is Private".


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