Friday, June 5, 2009

Reni - Hot Bulgarian Singer

Big breasted bulgarian singer Reni is one of those cases that have loads of sexy pictures of her - any picture of her is sexy btw - but finding info about her in english is pretty damn hard. Anyway, busty Reni was born on 29th of May in Pleven, Bulgaria. She is popular singer in her own country, a local superstar (with superboobs!), but has also been able to gain some popularity in surrounding countries, specially in Serbia, where she has recorded a lot of serbian songs with Serbian artists.

In her own country She is well known for her looks and specially her willingness to pose and perform in outfits showing loads of great cleavage.

Reni has released 7 albums since her first, Искам те, came out in 1998. Her latest album Опа, опа... (Opa, Opa) was released this year.

Her website (only in bulgaria) can be found at

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