Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Francesca Dellera

Extremely hot and busty readhead Francesca Dellera was born on the 2 October 1965, Rome, Italy as Francesca Cervellera. With her voluptuous body and big narutal breasts she reminds a bit other ladies from Tinto Brassi -fame, Deborah Caprioglio and Serana Grandi, even she has not risen to same (euro) big-boob-legend-level as those big breast goddesses.

She started her career playing small roles in movies like Grandi magazzini and Roba da ricchi but thanks for her great physical assets Tinto Brassi signed her 1987 to bigger part, playing a prostitute called Rosa in Capriccio (Love and Passion), giving audience a better chance to enjoy view of those magnificent big boobs. She has three nude scenes, first time you see her she is comletly naked lying on a bed. It is a very long scene and you got great views of her gorgeous body. The second scene features her running completly naked on high hells in the woods, and in her last nude scene Francesca doing a laundry in a sink wearing only an undershirt while her faboulus bare ass is fully exposed.

She shows lot of her beautiful body in La Bugiarda (aka Heroes Are Born Such), a 1989 movie where she plays Isabella.

Later in her career she has played mostly leading roles, like playing Nana in Nana (1999) and Countess Castiglione in La Contessa di Castiglione (2006), where she is as charming,graceful and luminous as ever playing the object of Napoleon III's lust.

During the 80's and 90's she was on the cover of many Italian magazines, from Playmen (1993, 1997) to italian edition of Penthouse (1988) and french mag Lui (1991). She has also appeared in english/international magazines like Playboy (2002) and Celebrity Sleuth (1994,1996).

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