Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elske McCain

Incredibly cute Elske McCain is an actress, model, producer and online horror host. She has starred of such movies as "The Goat Sucker", "All The French Are Whores" and "Humble Pie".

Elske was also featured in Lloyd Kaufman's "Poultrygeist" and Scott Phillips' "Gimme Skelter".

Aside from acting, she is also producing (with Matthew Reel ) horror movie that is currently in post-production state, "Jessicka Rabid", that is looking pretty promising. Rehead Elske and her big boobs was a featured convention guest at It Came From Lake Michigan and Fright Night Fantasy Filmfest.

Elske's really active mypage can be found here, with loads of pictures of this gorgeous creature.

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